Wrexham Residents Against Power Scheme

1200MW Scheme scrapped No 400kV pylons Revised proposal for smaller 299MW project

What the media is saying

What Next?

  • WCBC are currently considering the consultation proposals
  • The Planning Inspectorate have had a revised scope submitted as above
  • Local Community Councils have been invited to comment on the proposed scope.
  • Formal Community consultation is anticipated mid to end July
  • Visit the developers website http://wrexham-power.com/ and look out for consultation advertised in local press.
  • Wrexham Wraps

    "At the present time WRAPS will monitor developments rather than oppose the revised proposals. We are aware that individuals, possibly communities or other groups may wish to object, or that WRAPS itself may again decide to object if the plans are changed. We have therefore retained the earlier information on objecting."